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Struggling with low cars? We have the solution, the EZZE ramps extension.

Fits most standard ramps and offers increased loading angles. Just pop your existing ramp on the top, this gives lift to the ramp and extends the over all ramp.


  • £240 + VAT
  • Postage £30 + VAT
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Dean Griff

what a cracking body on my sprinter does everything i need and more strong stable and light to keep the weight down

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Esther Hope

My husband is just home with his new Sapcote Alloy Recovery Body. (He isn’t a facebooker so I’m given job of review) He is very happy with the job. Very professional place. Luke is a gent and makes the whole process smooth, along with Ben and Lee. He did have an issue with the tea bags in the canteen but then he is fussy with his tea. Thanks again lads. He will be back again to do more business.