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We are fully type Approved

We will deal with all your type approval in-house on your new vehicles.

Here's an example of the bodies we're currently producing. Please visit our Gallery to view a wider range of the bespoke designs.

Our CNC plasma cutter in action making precision cut profiles resulting in top quality manufacturing performance.

3 Hour Fitting Service

A fitting service tailored for you.

Due to the high demand of our bodies we are now able to offer pure aluminium bodies from stock to fit every chassis on the market.

Over the past 15 years of production we have tried to constantly look at improving the weight and design of our bodies and now think we offer the best build with the best payloads.

We have recently move to a better arranged workshop and invested in new computer controlled machinery to improve our process which in turn reduces our manufacturing and lead times and increases our already high quality. Due to these changes we are now holding up to 40 blank bodies in stock and you can still add any spec to you body such as a winch, beacons, toolboxes and fliers.

You can now drive down on a morning and within 3 hours drive home with your new body fitted.

The way it works...

As you arrive we go over your specification to check everything is correct and your happy with your order and then if you like you can get dropped off at the local Merry Hill Shopping Centre were you can do a bit of shopping or just relax with a coffee etc..

When the work is completed we will call to collect you and once back at the factory you will check the work has been carried out to your requirements and then pay the amount outstanding which you can pay any way you want as long as it's cleared funds. We accept all major credit/debit cards, credit cards carry a 2.6 charge.

Below is a list of what you get with a standard body plus weights and time to fit.

Standard aluminium body...

This includes small alloy bump bar with rubber bumps, 7ft alloy ramps, 8 coated lashing rings, plastic or alloy wheel arches, rear lights moved soldered and insulation wrapped and this is all fitted to your chassis for only £2,650 the finished body weighs in at 200kg and normally takes about 3 hours to fit.

Extras you may want to add to your body...

These are some of the things that can be added and still you drive back the same day.

Anodized side steps both sides this adds 8kg and around an extra 20 minutes to fit at only £150

Tow bar kit, this is steel which is complete with tow-ball, wiring and fitting, It adds approx 22kg - 30kg and depending on chassis it adds 1 hour to fitting only £250

For a winch to be fitted please add 30 minutes.

The body itself is our latest design it offers the optimum in loading angles and weight and is completely maintenance free.

If you need any more info we will be pleased to help just call 01384 636 350

VAT to be added to all prices at current rate. £300 deposit at point of order. We hope to be building you new body soon.